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Hospital curtain manufactures Dubai

A cubicle curtain or hospital curtain is a dividing cloth used in a medical treatment facility that provides a private enclosure for one or more patients. Our hospital cubicle curtains glide silently along our patented hospital curtain track and can be replaced in less than one minute while standing safely on the ground, all for a cost less than you are paying now to process your hospital curtains. With our high quality products, unmatched personal service and expert guidance, we’ve become one of the most trusted names in the industry for medical facility and hospital curtains. Our hospital-style cubicle curtains, also known as privacy curtains, are fabricated with or without mesh heading.

Hospital curtain suppliers

Royal shade curtains manufacturers the perfect blend of form and function. Usually made from inherently flame retardant fabrics, these curtains are available with and without mesh at the top and can be attached direct to the cubicle track carriers or suspended with drop chain. Healthcare cubicle curtains are constructed from different woven fabrics stitched together with the top portion of open for the safety. Typically, cubicle curtains are hung from the ceiling on a track and reach near to the floor. From ambulatory surgery centers to podiatry clinics, our hospital curtains are made to easily integrate into a variety of clinical applications. Our intuitive solution for cubicle curtains will enhance day to day operational efficiencies while mitigating the risk of hais. We are a leading manufacturer of all kinds of furniture,curtains, blinds and more. 100% recyclable hospital curtains have the same features as textile curtains, available in multiple patterns and made with durable polypropylene fabric. Hospital curtains are the sixth most commonly touched surface in a hospital.

We at Royal shade curtains believe that providing a healthier and more sustainable selection of hospital curtains is every privacy curtain manufacturer’s responsibility. Fortunately, we are one of those manufactures who are taking on the task of changing the way we renovate healthcare facilities and manufacture hospital curtains, providing numerous benefits to the care of both patients and our planet, while still keeping a keen focus on great design. We were lucky enough to be part of health care by providing hospital curtains for the hospitals and clinics across Dubai.



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