Umbrellas and tents Dubai

Outdoor Umbrellas and tents

All of our creations begin as drawings on paper, and it is through this journey from concept to realization that our tents,umbrellas and other decorative products derive their true and unique character. Whatever the weather, it’s smart to plan for the unpredictable and get quality tents & umbrellas – they could end up saving your special day. Our umbrellas can be used in conjunction with our outdoor dining sets, with adjustable tilt functions on different models giving protection from the sun all day long, while the overhanging karlsö umbrella features an off-center base to save patio space.The range of umbrella tents offered by us is made available in different designs, sizes, capacities and colors to suit the varied preferences of our clients.

Commercial Umbrellas and tents

Tents, canopies and umbrellas are popular shelters and sun shades at sidewalk sales, farmers’ markets, craft fairs, cookouts and sporting events. From umbrellas to ceremony cabanas to windowed party tent walls, Royal shades has you covered for outdoor tent and umbrella requirements. In fact, there are a ton of trendy umbrella and tent designs on the market that are perfect for every style, ranging from nautical and classic to fringy and funky. But if you are looking for a customized design we can help you with that. Our umbrellas and tents are designed to create cool, shaded relaxation spaces, even in hot sunshine. Work umbrellas and ground tents provide a low-cost and fast protection from the sun or rain.

Beach Umbrellas and tents

Our patio and garden umbrellas are designed for the most demanding environments, in dazzling colors with sturdy fiberglass ribs and professional grade water resistant fabric. Many of the fabrics we use for these outdoor products are washable, to keep your outdoor space looking fresh. Umbrella tents are stitched perfectly with fine fabric and metal ribs which can be used for long time. We understand that tents are very convenient for beach-goers, or backyard gathering particularly those with large families. Tents and umbrellas are the perfect accessories for families as they provide endless benefits to kids. We hope you will discover our fabulous tents and umbrellas along with other creations.



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