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Outdoor Shades



A canopy is an overhead roof or structure that provides shade or shelter. We often see a canopy during outdoor parties, events and other activities that need a shade or cover either from the sun’s warm rays or from a cool summer rain. It can be a cozy fort for grown ups or a restful retreat for families. A canopy adds life to a party or activity in the evening. Lit with candles and/or the moon, the canopy becomes a softly illuminated nook ideal for champagne toasts. Canopies come in many designs, colors and styles. With a little decoration around it, a canopy becomes a perfect way of providing haven for guests, family and visitors. There are many types of canopies that can vary in size, style, design and price. All of them more or less serve the same purpose of providing the perfect outdoor shade. When looking for canopies choose the best quality and get something that will be strong resistant against harsh UV sunrays.

Here are some types of canopy:

Outdoor Canopies - These are the most common type of canopies. It is usually set up easily and is more like a tent-style cover or shade used outdoors, like for garden parties, beach outings, and other outdoor activities.

Shade Canopies - The shade canopy is more or less the same as an outdoor canopy. They can be used for big events or backyard fun; usually made up of poly nylon woven mesh top covers that let some light to shine through but cut out harmful UV rays. Shade canopies are easy to set up requiring no tools.

Enclosed Canopies - Enclosed canopies are also great for big events or backyard fun and the enclosement provides protection from rain and sun, and privacy as well.

Portable Canopies - Portable canopies are an excellent way to supply shade cover for vehicles or rain cover with out a permanent structure ser-up. This type of canopy is strong and versatile.

Car Canopies - Car canopies carport can also be used for boats, RV’s canopy and other vehicles that need protection from rain and sun. Car canopies are a great inexpensive way to cover vehicles.

Canopy Tent - These types of canopies are very stylish. They are like gazebos but with the luxury of soft net-like covers around the sides that keep out unwanted bugs or insects

Garden Canopies - Garden canopies provide ample shade for dining, parties or relaxation. They can come in a more formal look and adds class to any garden or patio.

Canopies with Valance Top - Canopy tents with valance can be used as covering for parties or vehicles. The valance top is all one piece and the valance flap that goes over the edge is connected to the tip cover. It’s also easy to set up and requires no tools.

All the above are just some of the types of canopy that can be used for parties, family gatherings, outings, or simply for relaxing at the comfort of your own backyard.