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Couches Upholstery / Re-Upholstery

Your couch is one of the most used and abused pieces of furniture in your home. It serves as a sometimes bed, dining table, pet haven, and playground. All of that activity leaves plenty of stains and unseen grime like dust mites, bacteria, and fungi. If you love your old Couches and want to give it a new life? Royal Shades Curtains LLC has a solution to all your problems. We provide best services of Couches Upholstery / Re-Upholstery works in Dubai and make your old or damaged Couches turn out to be new as ever. Royal Shades Curtain LLC’s skilled team of workers works on the leather fabric, interior, wooden frames and steel designs to get the best results. They can renovate your old Couches and can make complete new Couches including frame making, foam stuffing and cover fabric.

We will help you to select from a wide range of fabrics, these upholstery fabrics can be cleaned with either water-based or solvent-based products. Royal Shades Curtains LLC utilizes the best quality items and deliver to you on time with an unmatched craftsmanship offered all parts of UAE. We furnish you with the lavishness and improve the regular excellence of the Couches.

Where to do Upholstery / Re-Upholstery of Couches in Dubai

Planning to do Upholstery / Re-Upholstery of Couches, Get in customized welcome to Royal Shades Curtains LLC. We provide a complete home decor solution by designing and installing stylish curtains, blinds, designing upholstered furniture and all that is required to revamp your home!