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wooden panel

Wooden Panel

Multi-surface and a pretty paint palette to turn wooden panels into works of art, many old world paintings have survived due to the longevity of the wooden panels they were painted on.

So before attempting to paint the wooden panels prepare the panels. In case, you have painted fake wooden panels in the past then it would require sandpaper to remove the old coating.

Though the overall process of painting wooden panels is quite tricky but following our how-to guide on painting wood panels will prove to be helpful in creating beautiful wood panels.

Lightweight wood panel materials with thermoplastic honeycomb cores econcore launches a range of thermhex lightweight wood panel materials to meet the industry demand for wood panel solutions that use a reduced amount of natural resources.

Create a grid on your wood panel and pencil in your lines. The tall structure of this gorgeous living room, complemented by a striking caramel wood panel wall has created a contemporary layout of this modern and sleek living room.

This is a great example to show you that wood panel wall can be used in any themed living room i.e. this living room with beach theme decor has proudly displayed a painted yellow wooden panel and attained soft and lovely appearance.

The dark color of this sleek and contemporary wood panel wall has provided this bright and modern living room with mature and profound ambiance. Rustic and light wood panel walls and ceiling are just the perfect choice for creating a modern living room with a warm and cozy ambiance.

The rustic and bold wood panel used in the living room has brought the living room to another level of contemporary, rustic and modern. A quatrefoil design is carved in a narrow wooden panel as the dramatic back plate for this oversized wooden panel sconce. The wooden panel captures and mirrors this surging wind. The case of wooden panel paintings is considered here as panels are representative models of inhomogeneous organic construction.

The black wooden panel acts as a striking complement of the walls in the living room and provide dramatic and contemporary feel, which you can clearly notice by looking at the picture.

Where to Buy wooden panels in Dubai

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